Black Swan Events Changing The Playbook

By Brian DeLucia

The Black Swan we are experiencing is the most devastating shock to our society and economy since the Great Depression.

In emerging from this disruption, it is time to finally tear up the playbook of the last 40 years just like we had to tear up the playbook from the 1920s.

Make sure there is alignment of interests throughout our monetary and societal policies coming out of this pandemic to create a framework that works for most of society.

This must cover protecting and enhancing productive jobs for the sectors of our economy that need to expand capacity in the years ahead. It is time to finally create a healthcare model that keeps people healthy and takes special interests out of the equation.  And it is time we modernize our education system to prepare our students to be ready to fulfill what our business community needs in terms of talent and common sense.

While today looks challenging, tomorrow could bring more people to the winner’s table.

Let’s do it.


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