• Jan 31 2018
    Culture and Getting Transactions Done in 2018 – We are through the first month of 2018…just like dieters, the non-committed players have faded away as we approach February. Now it is time to build around the committed leaders for the balance of 2018…are you ready to do it better than it has been done before? At Arrivato, our family office, and  Read more ➝

  • Jan 29 2018
    The Role of Founders and Operations – it is very rare that founders end up as great operators once their companies reach a certain scale. How businesses and founders make that transaction is a critical factor that deserves a lot of thought. There are two schools of thought. You hire a CEO to run the company.  I am not a believer  Read more ➝

  • Jan 28 2018
    Fund Managers Must Think Differentiation – just like all family offices, we hear a lot of pitches from fund managers. 99 out of 100 of them all sound the same.  Most of them are tired ideas.  Others are potentially game changing, but the majority of them are structured incorrectly.  I see the mistakes all the time made by fund managers. The discussion among  Read more ➝

  • Jan 25 2018
    Why Local Banks Need Arrivato –    As a family office, our past generation generated its wealth by creating value in local and regional communities. While the world has become more global today, we cannot forget the importance of the local market. Today, I am discussing two strategies in which we can bring value to a local bank. (1) Work  Read more ➝

  • Jan 24 2018
    Growing Too Fast with Purchase Orders? – The topic of purchase orders came up a few times in the past week from companies that have reached out to us. We are seeing a lot of companies growing too fast – even for the comfort level of asset-based lenders. Most asset-based lenders have specific formulas and frequently clients surpass the limits of those formulas.  Some  Read more ➝

  • Jan 24 2018
    Looking for Student Housing Assets – we received a call this morning from one of our friends, who is a top student housing operator.  They are actively trying to get their next acquisitionunder contract and wanted to ask what we are seeing in the market. We are always looking for opportunities.  We are occasionally involved in our ownstudent housing acquisitions.  And beyond our one friend  Read more ➝

  • Jan 11 2018
    Why Sell Off Market – Quietly and Discreetly – There are many ways to sell multi-family real estate, commercial real estate, and middle market businesses. The traditional process has been to interview a few brokerage firms, listen to long pitches through interviews, select one, and then that firm spends a few weeks to create some elaborate Offering Memorandum that nobody wants to read.  Read more ➝

  • Jan 10 2018
    Real Estate Developers Write Off up to 35% before Tax Filing – It is that time of the year for real estate developers and operators. We all have high tax rates through our real estate entities. How can we maximize our deductions prior to filing our 2017 taxes? Very simple.  Yet very powerful. If you acquired real estate in 2017, cost segregation could be a powerful benefit. Most  Read more ➝

  • Jan 4 2018
    Earn Leadership – Lots of people give themselves fancy titles and think very highly of themselves. It means nothing. Your title is simply a job description. How do your colleagues look at you? That is what I care about. I listen to a lot of people talk about their colleagues or the people that are supposed  Read more ➝

  • Jan 3 2018
    Mezzanine Finance Advantages – being a family office ourselves pulls a lot of lower and middle market scenarios across our desk. Sometimes there is an alignment of interests internally. Most other scenarios, we are providing more value in a consulting position or being hired in a board position to tap into our experience and inner circles.  We are definitely a  Read more ➝