• Jun 11 2018
    Los Angeles Rivals New York in Foreign Capital Allocation

    By Brian DeLucia – Foreign Capital has always been attracted to New York, but in recent months, we are seeing significant increases in foreign capital being deployed into Los Angeles. In fact, Los Angeles is now rivaling New York in the allocation of foreign capital. At Arrivato, we happen to be active in various roles  Read more ➝

  • Jun 5 2018
    Avoid the Fast and Loose with Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and ICOs

    By Brian DeLucia – it is hard to ignore discussions about cryptocurrency, blockchain, and ICOs these days. In the family office community, it is being discussed more frequently within our circles.  Lots of people are curious, many have questions. We are being targeted constantly by all the sales pitches – especially by ICOs. Here are some  Read more ➝

  • May 13 2018
    The Classy Way to handle the Deutsche Bank Underperformers – I believe whether you are a professional football organization or a major company, you firm is only as good as its bottom five-percent of people. With this being said, I believe you constantly have to look to upgrade the bottom of your organization by continuously seeking better people…plain and simple. At the same time, you  Read more ➝

  • May 12 2018
    Who Cares! Just your message matters – I thought I’d say hello and share a quick observation today. Everyone is worried about putting the fancy bows on their videos and events. It reminds me of growing up and watching NFL Films.  In fact, I enjoy watching those old videos compared to watching the current games. You might ask why? It is simple.  Read more ➝

  • May 11 2018
    Training More Talent for Skilled Jobs – I enjoy daily conversations with people involved in the traditional business community – especially when it comes to manufacturing, distribution, business services, logistics, etc. While most of these conversations are centric towards creating more liquidity, hiring a stronger accounting firm, hiring a better fit as CFO, I am experiencing an increase in discussions  Read more ➝

  • Jan 31 2018
    Culture and Getting Transactions Done in 2018 – We are through the first month of 2018…just like dieters, the non-committed players have faded away as we approach February. Now it is time to build around the committed leaders for the balance of 2018…are you ready to do it better than it has been done before? At Arrivato, our family office, and  Read more ➝

  • Jan 29 2018
    The Role of Founders and Operations – it is very rare that founders end up as great operators once their companies reach a certain scale. How businesses and founders make that transaction is a critical factor that deserves a lot of thought. There are two schools of thought. You hire a CEO to run the company.  I am not a believer  Read more ➝

  • Jan 28 2018
    Fund Managers Must Think Differentiation – just like all family offices, we hear a lot of pitches from fund managers. 99 out of 100 of them all sound the same.  Most of them are tired ideas.  Others are potentially game changing, but the majority of them are structured incorrectly.  I see the mistakes all the time made by fund managers. The discussion among  Read more ➝

  • Jan 25 2018
    Why Local Banks Need Arrivato –    As a family office, our past generation generated its wealth by creating value in local and regional communities. While the world has become more global today, we cannot forget the importance of the local market. Today, I am discussing two strategies in which we can bring value to a local bank. (1) Work  Read more ➝

  • Jan 24 2018
    Growing Too Fast with Purchase Orders? – The topic of purchase orders came up a few times in the past week from companies that have reached out to us. We are seeing a lot of companies growing too fast – even for the comfort level of asset-based lenders. Most asset-based lenders have specific formulas and frequently clients surpass the limits of those formulas.  Some  Read more ➝