• Nov 19 2016
    Mezzanine/Preferred Equity – The New Yield Strategies

    Over the last several months, we continue to see a rise in the capital markets pursuant to deploying capital into mezzanine and preferred equity strategies backed by commercial real estate. The challenge for many funds these days is finding compelling yield on their cash and many investors are more cautious on their outright acquisitions, believing  Read more ➝

  • Nov 19 2016
    Leadership Differentiates Partnership Buyouts

    It is often believed that bridge loans are strictly for under-performing properties, but they are often used for scenarios where the performance of the asset is considered bankable.   In many scenarios, the borrowers have an asset leveraged with conventional debt, but refinance into a higher cost bridge loan. The most common scenario borrowers refinance into  Read more ➝

  • Nov 19 2016
    Life Lessons for the Elite

    I am often asked to speak in family office and investment circles, but a growing number of people also ask me to speak more about my advice for professional and personal growth. As spring is a time for renewal, here are a handful of sound principles I can share with you today to join the  Read more ➝