• May 23 2021
    What challenge are you solving? (not the product)

    By Brian DeLucia If you are in any type of sales or business endeavor, focus your narrative the challenge you are solving…not the product or service. Touch the foundation of what is on the mind of the audience.    

  • May 23 2021
    Believe in the human spirit

    By Brian DeLucia We still believe in the human spirit. Being mediocre is easy. Competing to your next level requires some grit. This current generation is different, some might say much softer. However, we still must teach toughness. Never give up on the human spirit.      

  • May 16 2021
    Services Have Overtaken Goods in Today’s Economy

    By Brian DeLucia As discussed in the past, services have overtaken goods in the eyes of this current generation. It is reflected in the retail marketplace as service-centric businesses have been overtaking businesses that have traditionally sold goods. Consumers today spend only a fraction of their income on clothing and appliances compared to services related  Read more ➝

  • May 16 2021
    Looking at the word “and” to move ahead

    By Brian DeLucia As leaders in business, we must advance our sustainability initiatives. I believe we can turnaround companies, substantially increase revenues while also showing good responsibility to our environment and our communities. We must get beyond the “or” mentality and begin embracing the “and” philosophy. We can build successful businesses and careers while with  Read more ➝

  • May 16 2021
    Progress Creates Efficiency and Solves Challenges

    By Brian DeLucia I continue to respect the progressive framework from government leaders out of Dubai. They are so far ahead of many other governments in terms of being efficient, progressive, and accountable pursuant to identifying the challenge, identifying the most talented people to come up with the solution, and holding them accountable. Being introduced  Read more ➝

  • May 16 2021
    Leadership and Track Record in Distressed Times

    By Brian DeLucia As the industry reviews transactions over the next several months, be wary of models because modeling the future will be very uncertain right now. We are going to see a lot of people promote themselves as distress or special situations players. However, you need experience in how to turnaround a company, how  Read more ➝

  • Apr 25 2021
    Lets Stop Arguing About Empty Topics

    By Brian DeLucia We argue about so many empty topics in business and society. No matter what the framework is…it is up to the human element to step up and lead in society. We need more people who want to build businesses and create more sustainable jobs and better economics within their communities. We need  Read more ➝

  • Apr 25 2021
    Why Building a Brand is Essential

    By Brian DeLucia Why is building a brand essential? Your brand is what you stand for.  Your brand tells people what you represent. Your brand becomes something people want to align with…whether that be as member of your team or as a capital partner.    

  • Apr 25 2021
    Teaching Toughness with Respect

    By Brian DeLucia It is a softer generation with so many things being handed to us or how we are coddled all the time. Let’s get back to teaching toughness. This does not need to be arrogant or physical…however we need to teach mental toughness.    

  • Apr 11 2021
    Keep Competing to your Next Level

    By Brian DeLucia If you begin everyday by believing there is nothing else to prove, you reached your highest level…and you do not belong on the same field with us. Keep competing to your next level.   Continue to become a better spouse, better parent, better leader, better professional.