• Mar 14 2021
    The Realization of the Inequality Gap

    By Brian DeLucia Back in 2018, I said the following and we are now seeing this playing out. +++ I am really interested in seeing how this plays out in the real world. From inside chatter among the UNHW in recent months, there is more of a realization that we need to address the growing  Read more ➝

  • Mar 14 2021
    Family Offices: Risk Adjusted and/or Building Wealth

    By Brian DeLucia One of the missions of a family office is to maintain wealth (become totally risk adjusted) or become wealthier. I can tell you this, there is absolutely no reason you cannot find compelling economics within a strong risk adjusted approach. It requires a lot of work in the real world, but it  Read more ➝

  • Mar 14 2021
    Numerous Access & Resources to Succeed

    By Brian DeLucia Life is not easy. It is challenging. Many people are experiencing significant challenges. However, let’s remember we have it better than ever. Have numerous access and resources to put us in a position to succeed.    

  • Mar 14 2021
    Nobody Cares About Social Media Bragging

    By Brian DeLucia While social media allows everyone to see what we are doing, it also shows us who we are.   I see people always flaunt their whereabouts or brag about what they are doing. Here is the truth…nobody cares. It really shows more about your own insecurities and weaknesses. Just put your head down  Read more ➝

  • Mar 14 2021
    We Love Special Situations & Story Deals

    By Brian DeLucia We love special situations and story transactions.  We look at good companies and good people in challenging situations. At the same time, many of our friends are also keen towards bringing value to these situations as well. Beyond the compelling economics, there is something fulfilling about saving jobs and creating more sustainable  Read more ➝

  • Mar 14 2021
    Family Offices Spotty on Direct Deal Response

    By Brian DeLucia Throughout the family office community, leadership has been spotty across the board as families are seeking more direct investments. The challenge in winning deals for family offices is that many of them unfortunately lack the infrastructure to source transactions, let alone analyze them in a thorough and timely manner.    

  • Nov 11 2020
    Trading Intel Along The Front Lines

    By Brian DeLucia One of the things we are proud of is that when people want to understand what is really happening in the world, many reach out to me for insight and candor. I do the same in return as well with specific trusted people. It is not about ideology with me. It is  Read more ➝

  • Aug 23 2020
    The dangers of performing to a metric

    By Brian DeLucia In business, we constantly talk about metrics and measuring against them constantly. In the corporate world, it is quarterly reporting. In government, it is a few indices. While measuring results is important, it is also dangerous if it promotes negative behaviors.  And that is exactly what is happening within the corporate world  Read more ➝

  • Aug 23 2020
    The Priority of building a Relationship Today

    By Brian DeLucia I always believe personal relationships and many that evolve into authentic friendships bring substance and meaning to our lives. Never put building a relationship with someone aside until tomorrow, next week, or next month. As we mature in life, we value people more and must spend time with the people we want  Read more ➝

  • Aug 23 2020
    Why most family offices get multi-family real estate wrong

    By Brian DeLucia There continues to be a lot of investor pitches around multi-family real estate to the family office community. Through our own experience within land and building development, we can spot the few elite multi-family developers among the masses contacting other families within our circles. The masses offer nothing real compelling and in  Read more ➝