Building a Culture of Diversity – To maximize the success of any organization, you need to attract and build around the best talent.

As a leader myself, it is always my priority to build a team around people with not only talent, but passion and purpose to make a difference in the marketplace.  To make this happen, organizations need to create a culture that includes inclusion and diversity without compromising on identifying the best people.

As a leader, you set the tempo and culture of your organization. Diversity has to be built into the DNA of your organization from the very start at all levels with the inclusion of programs that educate and elevate awareness to diversity.

This means we must drive respect, teamwork, and accountability with our actions as a leader.

I enjoy building teams that bring together people from diverse backgrounds who are the best-in-class in what they do and give them purposeful opportunities to elevate their own personal brand.

I believe companies get complacent when they hire people from the same backgrounds, same schools, and restrictive roles. Your best people will flourish when there is purpose and the ability to work across various units within your organization to make things happen or solve problems.

The bottom line – hire people that bring a little color, diversity, and experiences to your organization.  As a leader, it take it upon myself to create a culture with the openness to discuss the most effective and efficient ways to make things happen and solve problems.

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