Changing the Conversation around Inequality

By Brian DeLucia

From where I sit, I am fortunate to be part of some interesting conversations among some of the most successful business leaders across the world.

The topic of wealth inequality has been discussed more frequently over the past several months.  And the trend I am observing is that an increasing number of the one or two percent realize some type of systematic change is needed.   Wealth inequality simply cannot continue to widen or it will begin to have significant negative consequences for our society as a whole.

I am not a fan of trying to artificially over-correct anything within society or the economic system, but we must create a more level playing field for people who are working 40 hours of honest work each week as well as opportunities to put people in better positions to succeed if they are willing to aspire for more.

There is a long road ahead, but it is encouraging that more leaders are playing to a broader picture with some meaningful purpose.



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