Conversations to Re-Image Capitalism

By Brian DeLucia

We are having a silly and immature debate in the United States between capitalism and socialism.  Sadly, we are having the wrong debate.   It should not be solely about choice (a) or choice (b) but rather how we create a framework that works for everyone.

We know capitalism works.  It worked for an entire generation in this country.

Then something happened over the next generation.  We let capitalism run loose and it became destructive to large portions of our population.  I believe we are in the first inning of re-imagining capitalism as it is beginning to happen across the United States.

As citizens, we have a lot more power than we realize.  It is not through protests or childish social media attacks.  It is with the decisions we make everyday.  It is with how we spend our dollars.  It is happening through the business community.   We have seen small sampling sizes of it where an old guard of leaders have been asked to step away from their companies.

We will next see this happen within the economic world.  The conversations are already happening.  There is a small, yet increasingly number of the one-percent who realize we need to make adjustments to capitalism in the modern world.  The one-percent does not want to live in a world where inequality becomes so wide that they are literally walking over homeless people on the street or dodging violet protests.

My hope is that we can engage in rational discussions to find a system that works for everyone in the 2020s.


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