Executive Search and Problem Solving

We continually evaluate businesses.

These include traditional lower middle market companies, real estate development firms, family offices, hedge funds, accounting firms, social/economic impact businesses, and college/professional athletic operations.

Integrating into the culture of a business is our passion.  It the first aspect of what we do whenever we look into a company.

Some companies approach us when they need to hire talent.  Other companies are introduced to us when they are facing a crisis.   And everyone contacts us when they have a liquidity challenge.

Nonetheless, whatever the reason…it all ties back to people, operations, and culture.

We have a blend of internal talent and external strategic relationships that can get under the hood of a company and create meaningful solutions within operations, accounting, human talent, driving sales, and finance.

The bottom line is that we are real people who lead in the real world.

Here is how we can help your company:

Executive Search

As an alternative to the typical search agency, we go beyond the technical side of identifying talent for an organization.   We identify the right fit within your culture.  We are leaders ourselves so we understand how to get the right people on the bus.  We can make this happen on a discreet and confidential basis – especially important for private family-lead businesses or family offices.

Solution Provider

Is your company bleeding cash?   Are you struggling to follow the money within your company?

We can quietly review your books and your overall firm to find out what is happening.  Immediate action can be taken while we work together with you to find the permanent solution.

Company Diagnostics

We go beyond just the books with an inclusive visit with business owners or family offices to discuss the following:

We get into understanding the type of business you are in and the market you participate within; understanding what differentiates you and your culture; current financial condition of the company; how your company is capitalized and leveraged; how your operations function; who is running operations; how you market and generate sales; how you run meetings; develop people; what accountability processes are in place; what is your succession plan.

We also understand the specific service providers you need to utilize externally to reach your maximize level and to open doors as well…including legal counsel, accountants, technical support, marketing, liquidity, and insurance brokers; among others.