Family Office Executive Search

There are two philosophies that we believe in when it involves a family office – being discreet and being aligned.

Very important when identifying the right fit when building your family office team.

The process can be approached in many ways, but must first identify whether you need a complete internal family office operation or supporting members to complement your internal family.

Nonetheless, the most important of these choices is alignment.

The following types of professionals typically make up a family office team – Executive Officer; Operating Officer; Financial Officer; Attorneys; Estate/Wealth Transfer Professionals; Investment Officer; Investment Committee Members; Analysts; Personal Security; Gatekeeper.

We believe these professionals must be aligned with checks and balances in place to ensure your best interests are in place.

Here is how we can help:

We are specialized in being discreet.   We do not publicize your opening like the typical corporate search process.   We are also strategically aligned within the family office community with a firm that provides additional infrastructure to this process on a discreet basis with specialized experience with family offices.

We can ensure you will find the right fit within your culture and professionals that will work well with others within your organization.

If deal flow or co-investment relationships are important to you, we can implement processes that will be very discreet.