Family Office Leadership in the Marketplace – It is difficult sometimes to sift through all the white noise in the marketplace. Most people are chasing money. Others are chasing their next commission checks. And everyone else is frustrated by the process.

This is why I am proud of our family office community.

We all have different backgrounds from how we built our successes. Mine is real estate centric. Other families had specific manufacturing, energy, or services businesses that established the foundation of their prosperity.

As a family office community, we are tight-knit, we get together in private settings to share thoughts and insights, and we have been known to collaborate to keep things within our circles.

Over the past couple years, I have come to the conclusion that the marketplace needs a different type of leadership to get things done. I have experienced this firsthand.  I have professionals that contact us daily asking us what type of real estate are we acquiring or developing. In turn, 90% of these same professionals send me everything except what we are seeking.  It is very inefficient when people are throwing everything against the wall to see what might stick.

What value does this bring? You are correct…none!

Within the family office community, we are experiencing an increase of collaboration among our colleagues.  I recently had one of the more historically prominent families ask me to have a discussion with one of the more well-known families in the United States to discuss assistance they need with a few existing real estate assets.  This is a scenario playing out almost on a daily basis.

Why is this?

Trust certainly is at the top of the list.  The relationship matters.

At the same time, we also have a different perspective.  We are not looking at things with a mindset of chasing dollars or throwing things against the wall.

We look at things from the perspective as a principal within our field of industry. We look at things from the family office perspective.

From this perspective, we are becoming more valuable in the marketplace – the real world.

As family offices throughout different industries, we are creating better places to live and work; more jobs; better economics; infrastructure development.

Within the real estate industry, family offices are aligning with talented developers to help them scale up to a more meaningful level.

And throughout traditional economic driving lower middle market sectors, family offices are becoming very strong partners to align with manufacturing, industrial, logistics, distribution, business services, healthcare, telecom, and energy companies that are doing well – and could be doing much better if they not only had the liquidity injection from a family office – but also the strategic value and leadership that the family brings to the table.

Our family office community is beginning to give a voice to interesting people who are creating solutions that realize measurable social and economic impact to communities.

And on a much larger scale, powerful global families are bridging the gap within public-private partnerships through real estate and infrastructure to spur economic development to grow communities.

While the priority will always remain downside protection and finding opportunities to generate compelling yields – what creates passion and purpose throughout the day is influencing leadership in communities across the world.

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