Graduated. Now What? – We have passed the summer graduation season with all the parties and gatherings.  This is also the time of year that many people contact me for career advice.

Here are a few perspectives I usually share.

I understand you have big grandiose plans when you leave school.  Most often, those plans never work out. When you get into the real world, everything changes. My best advice is to realize the sooner you separate from the school mentality you have been functioning in your whole life, the quicker your adjustment will be.

Be patient. It is not going to happen overnight for 99% of you. Do not get discouraged if you do not secure the job you are targeting.

Do not chase the money. You will be offered jobs. Some will pay more than others as you climb up the ladder. Do not automatically take the highest paying job.  Pick the opportunity to work with the right people and the right scenario that could position you for major success in the long-term.

Always be open to experiences. Gather as many experiences as you can – even those that will take you in directions you never considered before or loathed in the past. It will be amazing what could emerge from one of these experiences.

Put your blinders on. While others are spending their evenings out on the town or weekends at parties – you will spending those hours grinding and working harder than everyone else and meeting very interesting influencers.

We will always fail if we do not try.  Always try something that takes you out of your comfort zone.

Do not worry about gathering things – expensive clothes and toys.  There is time for that later in life. Gather experiences and people.

Compete. I always talk about #ForeverCompete.  However, you are not competing against your friends or colleagues. Everyone has a different timeline to the end game.  Just compete against your next level each day.  Always work to get better.

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