Harvard State of the Nation Housing Report

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With that being said…

I was reading Harvard’s “State of the Nation’s Housing Report” for 2018.

Approximately, a third of households in the U.S. are cost constrained and the pipeline of “affordable” housing in multi-family is less than five (5%) of all new construction.

This is alarming.

We have had many discussions within our circles pursuant to addressing the affordability crisis our citizens are faced with in the current economy.

Some of our friends are addressing with intriguing business models that are removing the burden of having most of their savings locked away in an escrow account.

Within our multi-family development company, we keep affordability in mind as we view specific sites that might not fit our market-rate philosophy.   And one of our partners has been active through his own company in acquiring existing infill multi-family assets that need heavy renovation or existing commercial assets that would be candidates for redaptive use for workforce housing.

If you see any scenarios we should review, please send me a “private” message.

As family offices, building communities and providing better housing options is one of our priorities.  #multifamilyinvestments #familyoffice #affordablehousing #workforcedevelopment #realestate

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