How Blockchain Technology evolves the next century – As our world becomes more device driven, technology continues to evolve.

Blockchain is leading this evolution of technology as we look ahead to the next generation beyond the cloud.

In the months ahead, you will hear more about decentralized solutions. In the financial industry, including with the trading of digital currencies, there is an intriguing decentralized solution emerging that will create more accuracy and efficiency in how we trade the market.

In the movement of goods, blockchain technology will not only reduce complexity, but reduce costs even greater than its current market cap.

In the financial system alone, blockchain technology could completely make the traditional banking experience more honest.  There is a strongly likelihood that traditional banks will not exist in how we see them now.  It is likely we will be using personalized banks through Blockchain Technologies on our devices.

The stock exchanges we know might no longer exist within 10-15 years or sooner, replaced by decentralized exchanges.

Blockchain will provide real-time accuracy to banks and corporations, eliminating how auditing firms will function in the future.

And of course, we cannot forget the recent elections.  Our voting system is antiquated on the front end with vulnerable technology on the backend.  With blockchain technology, we will eventually vote through our devices with results that are 100% accurate and 100% secure.

The bottom line is that Blockchain is not a gimmick, it will be the new infrastructure of our everyday society, creating levels the highest levels of efficiency and security in our personal and business lives.

Through our inner circles within the family office community, we are fortunate to have the inside gateway to the people who are truly changing a generation.

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