Inequality Crisis Requires Modern Approach

By Brian DeLucia

This was a troubling trend that was eventually come to a head again within the next few years, but now becomes highlighted much sooner with a Black Swan pandemic.

We have seen the early stages of local governments around the country beginning to address the inequality crisis that looms and a declining middle class.

It took 40 years to get here, and it will take a generation of playing the long game with a modern framework in place to see the full effects.

What we need to do today is begin investing more into our education system with pre-K education and a more applicable curriculum – especially in the middle school and high school years.

Engage local colleges and businesses into job training for our youth.

Invest into further infrastructure – including parks and mass transit.

Continue improving our climate through cleaner air initiatives.

These progressive strategies are not only good for society as they create dynamic economics for most folks.


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