Invest In Our Next Generation Education

By Brian DeLucia

The environment around education within the United States is growing worse by the generation.

We have widely diverse economic regions within the country.  Those with the most resources have had access to the best education.   The poorest areas of the country have some of the worst education.

This must change.

As an American Society, we can make it a priority to invest in the education of all Americans.

Invest more resources and a consistent platform of education for our next generation that ensures everyone has a baseline of education that is applicable to earn a meaningful income to become a productive citizen and provide a quality life for their families.

It has worked in several municipalities in recent years through local leaders who have fought for pre-K and full-day kindergarten as a start.  We can re-imagine high schools with a more modern curriculum and make sure failing schools are addressed.   We can create a more active community college and vocational tech platform that focused on getting our next generation into productive careers quickly.

We are so focused on ourselves and with our own egos.  Change that by bringing back the framework of productive conversation.



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