Jim Rooney

Advisory Board

Jim is President of Upstream Investor Services, which provides a comprehensive range of solutions to the challenges of direct participation in the upstream oil and gas sector.

In conjunction with its affiliate Subsurface Consultants and Associates, LLC (SCA), UISĀ  provides access to a roster of world class consultants, who provide engineering, geology, geophysics and petrophysics analysis to oil and gas companies world-wide, including the majors and national oil companies.

Jim was formerly CEO of Pendragon Energy Partners, Inc., an operating oil and gas company that executed a series of partnerships with a major life insurance company.

Jim had previously been a principal of a registered investment advisor that evaluated direct upstream investments on behalf of major investment banks, private banks and trust departments. He also co-founded their institutional affiliate, which originated and managed direct oil and gas investments on behalf of major pension funds.

Jim has graduate degrees in economics from Columbia University and Oxford University; he has a B.A. from Williams College.