Keeping Families Together Through Financial Stability

By Brian DeLucia

Over the past 40 years, CEO compensation increased approximately 1,000%.  The middle-class worker in that time realized approximately 11% increase.

While I do not believe in artificially over-correcting situations, we need to fundamentally change this culture.   If we can re-allocate wages, people will take a little more pride in their work and also provide better service to customers.   Businesses will become more sustainable over time.

At the same time, I am confident that family life will improve.

As this first began taking shape in the 1980’s, we saw family life start its decline towards what we experience today.   The pressure of financial stress has torn families apart in this past generation.   When you take away financial pressures, sustainability in quality families stay together.

We also will see families with less debt and contributing more monies towards their retirement plans.

More families would have the means to live in the communities in which they work and spend more dollars within the community as well.

It worked before and this can work again.

And I believe a rich man’s wealth is his strong community.



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