Leadership Differentiates Partnership Buyouts

It is often believed that bridge loans are strictly for under-performing properties, but they are often used for scenarios where the performance of the asset is considered bankable.   In many scenarios, the borrowers have an asset leveraged with conventional debt, but refinance into a higher cost bridge loan.

The most common scenario borrowers refinance into a bridge loan is to execute a partnership buyout.

It is quite common that partnerships go bad…and sometimes quite ugly.   There are many occasions where partnerships find themselves in dispute.  They just do not get along, personalities clash, or philosophies do not match.  Other times, life simply gets in the way.  One of the partners could be in a divorce, a partner could pass away, or experience other family emergencies.

The bottom line – these can be stressful moments that require quick action.

This is when I go to work.

It reminds me when I operated mitigation for a private banking firm during the financial crisis.   The human side on me was always sad to hear of the events that lead to the day someone contacted me.   But the service-oriented side of me becomes energized.  I enjoy competing to make things better than they were yesterday.  And I enjoy a challenge of helping someone feel joy again.

In these situations, I act quickly and decisively.  I can establish a simple baseline, bring the right team together, and be creative with finding the most effective direction to move life forward again.

There are many places to get a loan.   But it is people who make the difference when creating a solution.

It is leadership that creates the most successful partnership buyout.

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