Leadership in Climate and Environmental Change

www.arrivatollc.com – The climate is always evolving and definitely undergoing a lot of changes, some of it is natural evolution and many other challenges have been man created.  We are seeing more frequent disruptive weather events. The ocean waters are rising and warming at the same time. It is clear we need to look at this.

As with everything in the United States these days, we have people far apart on opposite ends of the spectrum. Neither is right and neither has all the solutions to address climate issues.  We do not advocate the “tree hugger” approach. It is unproductive to talk about what might happen 40 years from now. At the same time, being insensitive to the concerns of staunch environmentalists is just as unproductive. Drawing the line in the sand behind any of these sides is both ignorant and short-sighted.

The climate issues should not be political. We must move past that.  Even with these diverse opinions and without the Federal Government, America is leading the way through local community and specific city initiatives. We have a responsibility within the private sector. At many local levels, leaders are reducing the amount of Greenhouse gases.  It has resulted in an improved quality of life within many populous cities.

While most of us cannot relate to what might happen 40 years from now, we can relate to what is happening today and how it touches all of our lives in a personal way.  All of us have experienced or know someone close to you who has experience respiratory issues. We have experienced soaring energy costs and more frequent flooding events.  These are just a couple examples.

It is time to realize we must address these challenges. Let’s start by listening and understanding how addressing these issues will create jobs and improve our economy. Let’s realize how our health will improve by taking these issues seriously.  And by finally taking action today, we can clearly improve our quality of life.  These are results we can rally around.

The bottom line is that there is no Democratic or Republican Mandate that resolves climate change and our environment moving forward – there is only common senseleadership, and innovation that we can implement. Those are three attributes I am willing to get behind and so will you.

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