Life Lessons for the Elite

I am often asked to speak in family office and investment circles, but a growing number of people also ask me to speak more about my advice for professional and personal growth.

As spring is a time for renewal, here are a handful of sound principles I can share with you today to join the elite in life and business:

1. Always compete with yourself. You can always find ways to get better and continue pushing your maximum potential. It is never about competing against your competition. You need to build your unique brand and separate from the pile. When you compete with yourself, you are always finding a better way, growing and maximizing your abilities.

2. Always remember that you are in for the long game. I see too many people who go for the big score or try to get rich off on one deal. These are usually the people who never close a day or are always hunting for crazy deals. Always looking for shortcuts and chasing after eye-candy business is never good for your reputation in the reality-based world.

3. Treat everyone you meet as your friend. I always give people the benefit of the doubt and treat them as if I have known them forever. This does not mean I am not cautious of people…I am. I see through people’s agenda’s very quickly. But when you keep an open mind about people, the returns are amazing.

4. Be secure with yourself. I always recommend to give off a relaxed intensity. I see a lot of people who are insecure and they overstate their past. Nobody cares. Get to the point in life quickly where you are secure with yourself with a relaxed energy. Be understated and be likable…watch how naturally things begin to happen.

5. Always network. It is as simple as starting with hello. We live in a connective world. The lone wolf does not survive. Always be open to sharing resources and bringing value to your network of relationships. And remember, whoever knows the most quality people usually wins. This is why I usually can make things happen that others cannot.

6. Get your rest. Always be fresh. Always have energy. I recommend seven hours of rest to function at your best and stay healthy for the long-term.

7. Always say thank you. I am a big believer in recognizing those who help you along the way. Nobody gets there themselves. And yet, people forget who helped them along the way. It is important to take the time to make people feel appreciated.

8. Always read. You can read what is happening in the world, read books about leaders you respect, or business philosophies that worked elsewhere. And even if you read that same book a year ago….read it again. You will be amazed what you learn from it that you missed the last time. It is a sign of your growth.

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