Los Angeles Rivals New York in Foreign Capital Allocation

www.arrivatollc.com – Foreign Capital has always been attracted to New York, but in recent months, we are seeing significant increases in foreign capital being deployed into Los Angeles. In fact, Los Angeles is now rivaling New York in the allocation of foreign capital.

At Arrivato, we happen to be active in various roles in both markets.

Alongside our foreign partner, we are working with large real estate developers to help them gain access to private capital that would not normally be available to them.

These developers are generally looking to accomplish one of a few objectives. (1) unlock equity in existing assets without having to sell them to allocate dollars to new projects; (2) overcome liquidity challenges; and (3) lower their overall cost of capital compared to other debt and mezzanine structures.

In some cases, it is possible for us to finance construction debt at a lower cost than traditional U.S. lenders – even when you have been turned down by these sources.

We are generally working with larger real estate and infrastructure developers; as well as major corporations who need to unlock at least $50 million in liquidity.

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