New Trade Policies Need to Create Broader Participation

By Brian DeLucia

We are within interesting times where we see so many technological advances – especially through Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Agriculture.   At the center of this are the trade wars and inequality.  We have to play the long game instead of continuously patch working and mis-mashing parts that do not fit.

We are at a true crossroads where this is going to bridge the gap or widen the gap of our challenges.  It is beyond a political challenge.   It is a societal challenge.

Here are two things to think about…

(1) We need to understand that Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technologies will continue to evolve.  However, we have to bring together modern educational channels and job training platforms to complement this rapid change.

(2) And when we look at addressing the trade in-balances, we must look at policies within a philosophical framework that create broader opportunities and more diverse participation for a larger portion of our citizens to benefit.

If we can focus on these two objectives, I believe we can create true stability and sustainability over the next generation.


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