Next Generation Capitalism

By Brian DeLucia

Capitalism is a model that has worked within our society for many generations and will continue being our best choice moving forward.   At the same time, it is imperative to re-imagine capitalization for the next generation.

I believe capitalism retains the most upside in allowing people to reach great heights, but we should take a step back and review our behaviors within this framework.

Too many short-term metrics are forcing business leaders at C-levels make decisions that go against their conscience.   Many others have used the framework of capitalism as a weapon of mass destruction in making selfish decisions that advance themselves and people within their inner circles at the expense of the greater good.

I believe leaders are becoming more conscious of what is happening pursuant to wages, future job challenges, and climate changes.

While artificially creating equality is a strategy that does not work, it is pragmatic to create a framework that levels the playing field by addressing roots of our modern challenges.


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