Parents and Misguided Governance

By Brian DeLucia

I have spoken about the college admission scandal of 2019 a few times now as this highlights a lot of misguided behaviors by parents.   I believe parents want their son or daughter to attend ABC University because it boosts their ego moreso than that of their child.

You are setting up your children for failure through this misguided governance.

This goes beyond the entitlement mindset that sets up your children for failure.  In fact, it will become much more dangerous.   I believe these governance issues within a family are setting up children with severe unhappiness and substantial mental health challenges.

As leaders of your family, it is time to adjust the framework of governance for the next generation.

You should focus on helping your children develop their own self-awareness and facilitate the platform to help them achieve whatever their passions are in life.

I believe you want your children to be happy as they enter the real world.


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