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www.arrivatollc.com – I love some of the conveniences of modern technology as much as anyone else.

Unfortunately, it is at the expense of the fundamentals that create relationships, respect, and ultimately get things done.

This is more than a millennial problem, however it is where most of it resides.  It is easy to rely on text messages, social media, and all these processes that people like to get fancy about, but it does not replace fundamentals of business, including the simplicity of picking up the telephone.

I often will use text messages and other real time communication to make a quick point, ask a quick question, or ask someone to call me.  I often use emails as the foundation to outline some discussion points for an upcoming conversation.  But when it comes to have a conversation or a discussion, nothing beats the telephone unless it is an in-person conversation.  This holds true when it comes to discussing strategies, upcoming projects, feedback, and exchanging thoughts.  These cannot be replicated through text messages.

Too often I find people misinterpret information or tone thereof. Sometimes ideas and perspectives get lost through messaging.  I always believe you build more trust and bonding through real conversation.

There is no excuse on why people cannot use a telephone. It often creates more productivity and gets things done more effectively than piecing together several messages.

I often pick up the phone on a daily basis to members of our family office and organization. It is the best way to build rapport and discuss initiatives when you are not in-person that day. You will be amazed at how chemistry grows when your people are talking.  I often do this with other colleagues as well. When you are in conversation, things happen, opportunities become discovered.

It is a lost skill that must be re-discovered again.  The only way you will comfortable with it is by doing it.

The bottom line — pick up the phone.

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