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www.arrivatollc.com – In recent months, I have been thinking a lot about what it means to have a platform.  There is a lot of noise out there in the world these days with people arguing about ideology, being left out, inequality, and unfair treatment of certain classes. There are real people facing real issues out there in society together.  In most cases, people have been silent too long.  Today, no so any longer.

I take pride in being a good listener and understanding the perspectives from different walks of people.  It is easy to attack people’s patriotism or automatically make this about disrespecting the military.  It does not make your beliefs any less important.  But I do believe in putting myself in someone else’s shoes and understanding what they experience.

What does it mean to have a platform? 

Let’s look at it from my world.  I am a target every day in the world of business due to my platform within the family office environment. I am asked to participate in panels, interviewed by publications, asked to serve on boards.  As a result, I am hit with white noise from all angles.  Everyone wants to sell me their transaction or idea thinking a family office naturally invests in everything and everyone.

I am not a professional broker, I am not a banker, do not chase transactions, let alone shopping transactions into the marketplace.  It takes specific skills to succeed in that environment that I do not possess, but I do understand there is a lot of white noise and you must separate yourself from it.

Am I a dealmaker?  Yes. Absolutely.

Now where I am going with this you might wonder?

I come from the family office background. What I am learning through all this white noise is there is a difference we can make if we rise above the noise.  Our experience has taken us inside government entities where we see liquidity challenges, lack of creative thought to overcome these challenges. In the private sector, we see a lot of traditional economic driving business that are stagnate, underperforming, or even a few in distress.  We also meet entrepreneurs who can disrupt the world, but have no advocate to lead a business.

This is a constantly evolving world with a lot of challenges, disruptions, and transitions.  

From a family office perspective, we are learning that we can make a difference. We can rise above the white noise.   We understand how to do this by focusing on real assets, real businesses, real resources, and real relationships.  We are constantly qualifying people on a daily basis.

This allows us to rise above the noise and give the right people a voice.

Who are some of the people we help?

The talented real estate operator or developer who has a presence in a specific market to provide better quality housing within the community, better quality industrial sites to attract businesses to move goods, etc.

The government entity that is trying to improve their facilities, improve their infrastructure, and create economic growth within their community.

The owners of manufacturing, distribution, logistics, and business services companies that can drive the economy, create more jobs, and really make a difference if they had access to more capital and more leadership support.

The talented professional who has cash flow and physical assets, but whose story or special situation does not fit within conventional capital channels.

As you can see, these are a few areas where we can make a difference.  We can use our platform to discreetly align private families and other resources within our inner circles. More importantly, this is also about facilitating and aligning leadership beyond a simple transaction.

If I am going to use my platform, I want it to be about something real and meaningful.  I want to solve a challenge that affects everyday business and people.

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