Principal Strategies

Our historical background has been real estate development and traditional businesses. We are currently focused on the following business interests through our ecosystem.


Zoned and Entitled Land Acquisitions:
Class A Neighborhoods in Virginia, the Carolinas (Triangle, Charleston, Greenville, Columbia most active), Georgia (suburban Atlanta and Savannah are most active), Central and Gulf Coast of Florida (Orlando, Tampa, Brandon, Sarasota, Fort Myers most active), Alabama (Huntsville, Birmingham), Tennessee (Chattanooga), and Texas (Dallas-Fort Worth Suburbs, Austin most preferred) with average rents at a $1.30 minimum per square foot.

Typically, these will be suburban in-fill sites and water sites. These locations will be higher end neighborhoods surrounded by quality retail and schools. We are not interested in first in the neighborhood scenarios.


Minimum 20 acres. Zoned and Entitled for garden-style multi-family and townhouses. We are not mid-rise high-rise builders. Secured zoning and entitlement for minimum 250 units.

Would also consider large mixed-use master-planned/planned unit developments (PUD) communities with a multi-family/townhouse component.


Digital Mining Site Acquisition/Lease Criteria:
Available Power Capacity: Minimum 5 MW with 0.4 kilovolt transformers installed, more is preferred with possibility to expand to at least 50 and up to 200 MW in 6-12 months by installing additional transformers

Electricity Price: $0.06 per kWh or lower. (inclusive of all taxes/fees)

Power purchase agreement (PPA): Existing PPA or possibility to conclude new PPA covering available power immediately with the site with confirmed electricity price and possibility to extend to projected power

Locations: Non-Residential Areas with possibility to produce noise at 20 decibel level

On-Site Buildings: (if applicable) Warehouse-type with 25 – 50-foot ceilings (7 – 15 meters) where area is calculated at the rate of 2,000 sq ft per one (1) MW of available power, e.g., 20,000 sq ft for 20 MW.

Connectivity: fiber optics, at least two (2) carriers

Additional Infrastructure: plot with road access and hard surface (concrete, asphalt) with area approx. 1000 sq. feet per 1 MW of projected power and tap water at the rate of 2 m3 per hour per 1 MW of projected power

Type of Purchase Agreement:
Option 1. Purchase a site with all mentioned infrastructure & pre-signed PPA at fixed fee
Option 2. Lease a site with all mentioned infrastructure & pre-signed PPA billable per consumed power


Telecom / Power Generation / Digital Mining:
Seek expandable digital asset infrastructure scenarios where we can incorporate our executive, master development, and operational partners pursuant towards acquisition and build-to-suit scenarios with a historical track record throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

This includes scenarios involving cell tower portfolios, fiber networks, cryptocurrency mining, renewable power generation/utility grade solar farm development, edge data centers, distributed antenna systems (DAS), and electric-as-service (EaaS) structured with preferably minimum 10-year investment-grade contractual revenues

We also pursue strategic relationships with real estate developers and asset owners to develop private smart fiber networks that increase the NOI and enhance the attractiveness of their community with a state-of-the-art network. Through our own utility fiber infrastructure, end users can access VOIP, TV/Video, cloud connection, and telemedicine services.


Through internal acquisitions and advisory support to corporations, we focus on Single-Tenant Assets within the Industrial/Warehouse/Cold Storage/Logistics, Office, Healthcare, Telecom industries as well as Municipality Assets, including Wastewater Facilities. We also work with mission critical facilities such as data centers, corporate headquarters, regional operational centers, and GSA assets.

Other compelling scenarios are considered on a per-situation basis.

Seeking a minimum least 10-year lease, mostly NNN.

Credit needs to be investment grade (BBB- and higher) or a shadow rating that is investment grade. $10 million minimum – $100+ million.


Lower Middle Market Businesses:
Our focus includes growth equity, buyout, rollup scenarios, and special situations within manufacturing, logistics, distribution, transportation (especially trucking/refrigerated trucking companies), waste management, water, wastewater, data centers, and other select esoteric scenarios.

Our collective expertise enables us to provide the business development acumen that leverages our extensive banking, and legal relationships in providing guidance to the corporate budget and strategic planning efforts.

These companies are founder/family led, reasonably valued, profitable, smaller businesses with revenues of between $5 and $50 million and EBITDA generally from $1 million to $10 million.

Companies north of $5 million EBITDA throughout North America and Europe in the industrials, manufacturing, logistics, transportation, financial services, medical device, and healthcare industries must show gross margins above 25%.

Within these parameters, focus on companies with platform potential – unique assets and capabilities that, when combined with capital as well as outside expertise, make accelerated growth possible.

Our selection criteria identify those companies possessing strong management teams with recurring revenues and strong gross margins. Our preference is to see manageable capital expenditures and operating expenses that are typically highly variable.


Small Cap Companies:
Actively review younger companies with existing revenues and compelling gross margins in various industries including technology, consumer, retail, financial technology, industrials, education technology, media, entertainment, and natural resources that require secured capital up to $5 million with the ability to consider larger scenarios on a select basis.

Will consider fund managers in private equity and venture on a per situation basis where there is a clear differentiation of access and correlation between intelligence, revenues, and compelling economics.


Middle Market Businesses:
Pursuing North American operating companies led by good management teams that require a minimum $100 million equity participation.

The focus is industry agnostic companies with healthy cash flow that require liquidity for continued growth. Seeking controlling interest, but without interference of daily operations.


Rollup Strategies:
Partner with a seasoned industry operating executive who has been responsible for a minimum $150 million balance sheet along with deep domain expertise through a co-GP structure to build a proprietary platform without any planned exit. The preferred investment thesis is within the healthcare industry, including home health/hospice, urgent care, ophthalmology practices, and dental practices, along with consumer, food, business services, and manufacturing/chemical companies with a minimum $3 – $4 million of existing EBITDA.

The executive will be acquiring the company (with some personal investment in an amount that is meaningful to them) alongside capital support and resources to find, diligence and close the transaction.


Legacy Greater Philadelphia Strategy:
Raw Land: In the Greater Philadelphia Area, seek to acquire controlling interest or work in strategic partnership with existing landowners to implement site improvements and work towards securing residential subdivision approvals for future sale to national home builders.

Multi-Family Real Estate: Aggressively seeking to acquire existing value-add apartment communities (8-200 units) that we can reposition via CAPEX investment (renovation strategy / raise rents /increase NOI)

Continually looking for development sites – seeking development sites with in-place residential zoning and public sewer and water (subdivide – create residential homebuilding lots), and apartment development sites to continue to expand our apartment portfolio.

Underutilized Commercial Properties: Seeking to acquire underutilized commercial sites for pad site / build-to suit development (seeking land or existing properties located at hard corners at intersected lights)

Pad sites – Corner or “T” intersection properties, ideally at a traffic signal, 0.75 to 3 acres in size to accommodate a bank (0.75 to 1.5 acres), restaurant (1.5 to 2 acres), drug store or convenience store (1.5-2.5 acres), or day care center (1.5- 3 acres). Size may vary based on zoning requirements, storm water controls, rights-of-way, etc (pre-lease to high-credit pad user with long term lease).

Build-to-suits- 1-2 acres to accommodate a small office building ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 square feet (pre-lease to high credit medical or office tenant with long term lease).