Principal Strategies

Our legacy background is real estate development. We are currently focused on the following strategies.

(1) Zoned and Entitled Multi-Family Land Acquisitions: We seek sites in the Carolinas, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and Texas that are currently zoned and entitled for townhouse or multi-family development. These sites are generally 20 – 40 acres with zoning for a minimum 250 units.

(2) Retail Pad Site Development Acquisitions: Identifying sites within strong retail corridors and heavily trafficked locations – ideally hard corners with intersected lights with traffic counts of at least 20,000 – 25,000 vehicles per day. We acquire these sites and take them through the entitlement and development process in tandem with retails that are in expansion mode into major and secondary MSAs nationwide.

(3) In Greater Philadelphia Area, acquire controlling interest or work in strategic partnership with existing land owners to implement site improvements and work towards securing sub-division approvals for sell to national home builders.

(4) Active as both telecom operators, developers, and advisors pursuant to new development, mergers & acquisitions, and distressed turnarounds of cell tower portfolios.  Acquire existing portfolios where we can apply our operational experience and ecosystem.   On a select basis, we will develop new projects through a sales leaseback or build-to-suit structure with minimum 5 – 10 year investment-grade contracts with a historical track record throughout the United States, Nigeria, South Africa, and Myanmar.

(5) Our interests also includes student housing value-add and development opportunities that are within a few blocks of Tier I and Tier II Public and Private Universities markets where we see evidence of significant enrollment growth and underserved housing demands. 150 beds minimum per asset.

(6) Throughout the Eastern United States, we will look at the value-add and re-development of work-force multi-family real estate assets (minimum 250 units) with an emphasis on infill locations. As an example, this can include opportunistic acquisition of an office asset that can be converted.

Global Partnership Strategies:

In addition to our core family business practices, we assist in overseeing the U.S. interests for a prominent non-U.S. family to identify proprietary technologies, alternative investments, and strategic relationships where we can create value through more meaningful scalability.

Our strategies with this family and their vast network of partners include the following:

Create relationships with opportunities at the transactional and corporate level within real estate, oil & gas, infrastructure, defense, alternative energy, agriculture, blockchain technology, and entertainment production.

We also participate through manager selection where we evaluate seasoned fund managers who have access to high barrier of entry information involving early-stage technology, bio-tech, pharma, alternative energy operations, infrastructure, and small-to-mid cap companies where our value can create meaningful growth and geographical expansion.

Through real estate, we will also review large construction lending, strategic opportunities, and quiet fee-simple interest acquisitions.

Along with the family’s legacy track record within the energy sector, we will review strategic relationships within oil & gas, LNG, renewable energy, and other unconventional sources of energy.

Lower Middle Market Businesses:

Our focus includes growth equity, buyout, roll-up scenarios in manufacturing, logistics, distribution, business services, and banking/financial services.   Will control the business development, banking, and legal relationships while providing support to the budget and strategic planning.

These companies are reasonably-valued, profitable, smaller businesses – with revenues of between $5 and $50 million and EBITDA from $1 million to $5 million.

Within these parameters, focus on companies with platform potential – unique assets and capabilities that, when combined with capital as well as outside expertise, make accelerated growth possible.  Companies possessing strong management teams with recurring revenues and strong gross margins.   Preference to see manageable capital expenditures and operating expenses that are typically highly variable.

Special Situations:

There are many opportunities within our disruptive society to link commercial real estate, sustainable impact, and infrastructure.   Look closely at old properties that nobody wants, including brownfield opportunities that can be re-purposed.   These include industrial assets, warehouses, old malls, and big-box retail.   The buildings will range from 50,000 to 250,000 square feet in size with 25 – 50 foot ceilings.

Additionally, opportunities where bankruptcy and/or foreclosure is present, asset rich/cash poor scenarios, and collateral that is unique and esoteric in nature.   Multiple solutions that can implemented, including potentially some business development opportunities.