Servicing The Higher Purpose Beyond Transacting

By Brian DeLucia

Too often, we fall for companies and their message.   Too often, we fail our people because we create adversaries among us all.

The bottom line is that everything is about people and what they demonstrate over time.

To accomplish substantial initiatives, it requires communication and requires people.

People are always our asset.   We need people on our team.

We are all part of servicing a higher purpose.

We don’t just transact.  We create leadership.  This is through building companies to meaningful scale that create better places for people live and work; create products and services that serve our daily needs with dignity; and gave voice to entrepreneurs that are creating business models that address societal challenges.  We build confidence among our community by creating more sustainable jobs and helping our citizens develop the skills to take those jobs.

As leaders, let’s remember being on the same side of the people we serve.


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