Shaping Your Identity Beyond One Mentor

By Brian DeLucia

The best of us do not rely on one mentor for their overall development.

I believe we need to identify people who have attributes we like and find ways to emulate those people.

You could have 4 or 5 mentors that you draw different traits from.  This includes how someone carries themselves, how they handle challenges, how they communicate, how they dress, etc.   There rarely is one person who you can copy and retain your own identity.

We have seen it in sports.   We see coaches who try to be a carbon copy or replica of the coach they just worked under.   There is only one Bill Belichick or the late Steve Jobs.  There might be a good attribute you admire from Coach Belichick or Mister Jobs that you could emulate, but it has to be blended within the identity of you.  If you try to emulate all their characteristics, it will come off as phony and not you.

People see through that.

Think of your mentors as the board of directors of your inner being.


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