Tash Salas


Tash Salas brings diverse and multidisciplinary experience throughout multiple facets of business.

She has over a decade of experience being an entrepreneur, investor, and consultant for startups and, recently, for emerging fund managers in the U.S. and Canada with operations internationally.

Tash graduated from Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico LL.B and has several American universities certifications in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Sustainability, and Public Policy.

She has a vast experience in the intersection of private capital, public policy, and innovation to create a positive social impact.

Tash uniquely understands tax efficiency and risk mitigation strategies for financial protection, portfolio diversification, liquidity events, or legacy planning for high-net-worth individuals, families, and businesses.

She enjoys connecting strategic partners, aligning incentives, and building and negotiating long-term and fair agreements.

Ms. Salas lives between the U.S. and Mexico.