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One of my favorite activities each day is simply talking to people.  It is a lost art.   It is very simple to just engage in conversation.  In today’s world where most people live in a cocoon, simply reaching out and saying hello can separate you from the pack.

Now what does this have to do with branding?

It is simple….your brand is YOU.

You are your brand.  Take a moment and think about yourself and your true strengths.  You do not need to be Mr. Personality, but you do need self-confidence within yourself.

Here is my brand…I am genuine. This is what opens a lot of doors for me.

It all starts with a simple word…hello!

Try it. It is so old school, but it works.  The word hello often leads to a lot of dialogue or what I often call, building familiarity.

People always ask me how I make so many things happen. My answer is always, I just said hello to people I come across. 

There is no reason you cannot do the same.  Do not worry about where you are in life.  Do not worry about your track record.  I believe everyone brings value to the table.  We experience this all the time because we understand what value we bring to any situation.

We have a real live example of how this works.  One of my partners found out about a group of people struggling with a challenge. My partner just reached out and say hello.  Despite being only 31 years old, he knew his value.  He was then invited to a meeting where he walked into a room, knowing people were skeptical what this so called kid could possibly bring to the table. Within 15 minutes, he owned the meeting and showed how to make a $200 million project a reality.

A few years ago, I personally said hello to a long-time financier, which began a series of dialogue over the past couple years.  I have connected people with this gentleman and this gentlemen connected me with two guys in a business partnership. One day, I was having a conversation with these partners and was talking about the $200 million project. The next few sentences from them discussed a significant challenge they had with a $250 million project that was very similar to the scenario I discussed. You can imagine where this has led.

As I am writing this, it reminds me of a simple everyday type conversation I had at a Starbucks in August 2016 after I dropped someone a note to say hello.  This simple hello led to a cup of your favorite daytime beverage. As we were building familiarity, this professional had mentioned to me a challenge that her, her attorney friend, and CPA friend had with a business owner that had a significant challenge after losing a major client.  In the next few days following that, I spoke with her two other colleagues, then the business owner.  Just through learning their situation, I was able to bring a small loan and some business development strategies.  It is amazing how saying hello resolves challenges and creates opportunities.

How did I learn this?  One of the members of my past generation was a real estate developer. As he would be driving around, he would see someone working on a project.  He would stop his car and walk up the other guy and say, “hello, what are you doing?”  The opportunities that emerged from those conversations led to a lot of collaborations.

It worked in 1980. It works in 2017.  The technology is just different.

Saying hello.  Pretty simple.


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