The Insider Deal We All Want – Everybody believes they have a deal for a family office. Everyone also believes they have the best deal in the market.  Those two stories are the oldest in the book.  We hear the same thing every day.

Who cares!

Very few people want to hear about your idea. It’s either a dream, too speculative, or a rehash of a story we heard from somebody else yesterday.  And worse yet, many people are arrogant when they approach investors.

What we want is information or access that nobody else has.

Here is a great example of somebody who not only contacted us with simple proposal with substance.

We were contacted by two (2) partners.  From confidentially, I will not get into the specific asset, but let’s just mention that they have regular access to large portfolios of a hard asset (this is NOT real estate) that is a special niche.  It is collateral you can easily liquidate in 60 – 90 days if the partners fail to repay on the loan.

The hard assets in this portfolio are worth slightly north of $25 million.  They have credit leases with major corporations to use this collateral for the next 36 months that generate nearly $900,000 in monthly payments.

Here is what I enjoyed the most about this transaction. The two (2) partners are extremely humble and cooperative gentleman.  We like how they handle their business and how they work with people.  They also know their business very well.

These guys are bringing a very minimum amount of their own cash to the transaction and now will have access to more capital than they ever dreamed about to continue scaling up this niche.

From an investor’s perspective, this is the ideal transaction. You have great people, inside access to a niche market, strong collateral ($25 million in physical assets, $900,000 in monthly revenue from credit leases), and a compelling reason to write a loan (compelling return).

If you want to get our attention, show me something very few people have access to.

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