The Power of Hello – I like to keep life simple and what is simpler than saying hello?

I find hello the most powerful word in my business success. That’s right, hello!

A long time ago, I was exposed to the power of hello through an old family friend. He was a real estate developer and was on the road driving throughout most of his days.  On his normal travels, if he saw someone working outside, he would pull over, get out of his car and say hello!

This would often be followed up by the question, what are you doing?  It was amazing the opportunities he would uncover from this simple conversation.

I apply this to my everyday business.  Whether I am at a function, waiting for an appointment, or even on LinkedIn, I often just say hello and let nature take its course. I have ended up building a lot of friendships, opportunities, and business alliances through being authentic in my dialogue.

Whoever thought the word hello was so powerful?

Try it.

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