We All Created The Entitled Society

Brian DeLucia

We complain about today’s entitled society.

Here is the reality…you are likely the one who created it.

As parents, we push our children for specific results when it honestly does not matter at the time.   The college admissions scandal of 2019 represents this all.

Those parents did not care about their children.   They cared about mainly themselves to have bragging rights to their adult friends about what their children are doing or what schools they are getting into.   We put our children under stress at such an early age that they become lost when they enter the real world.

Listen to our children, hear their passions, their interests, then set the framework for them to work hard and always compete to their next level.   Remember that their results and development pursuant to their endeavors come at their own paces, not at the same pace as your friend’s children or the speed at which you desire.  Just give them the support and the principles as a parent.   Let the rest happen through human nature.

There are no shortcuts or magical pills.

Your best bet is just putting in the work.



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