Wind Projects Trending in U.S.

By Brian DeLucia

We were having a discussion within a small circle of us earlier pursuant to wind projects growing throughout the U.S.

There are record numbers of orders for equipment with technologies improving and reaching more households along with a record number of projects currently under development in two-thirds of the 50 states across the country.

One of our dear friends for nearly 20 years continues to acquire controlling interests of various renewable projects.   An old contact brought a project to shovel-ready status recently where our friend is acquiring the controlling interests, using his long-time experience to clean up the budget and make the project a reality.

Our friend set up this developer for the rest of his life and his children’s lives while providing value to the marketplace with clean energy.

This is another example of the power of the inner circle among family offices…although we invest in different industries, we relate to each other conceptually and making things happen that change a generation.


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