Year End Closings – Arrivato LLC is your safest resource for a year-end close.   As a family office with its own assets and access to external capital, we have trusted friends within the industry to turn towards for almost any need.  This allows anyone working with us to have connectivity to our personal relationships to get things done with piece of mind.  It is the practitioner-based value-creation we bring to others that separates us from traditional loan brokers.

At this time of year, real estate professionals are often faced with unique opportunities or challenges.   We know this from our own experience as we currently are involved in three (3) amazing year-end opportunities of our own.

Here are the typical scenarios involving a year-end closing:

A borrower with a bankable property, but has a non-bankable credit profile

A bankable property and a bankable borrower, but not enough time to close at the bank

We also enjoy special situations and story deals that banks and most private equity firms stay away from.  And of course, many borrowers are offered discounted payoffs by banks looking to dispose a loan from its books.   Finally, we understand that sometimes a partnership will reach its shelf-life and one of the partners would only benefit from an exit if they are cashed out by the end of the year.

From a family office perspective, we are also heavily involved in governance, conflict resolution, problem solving, and generational wealth transfer planning.   This means a family, partnership, or company may present to you a unique opportunity to acquire a desirable assets – only if you can close by the end of the year.

What is are the terms?

We usually prefer these year-end scenarios to involve loan scenarios that are a minimum of $1 million.  The typical LTV/LTC in a year-end scenario would be 65% LTV/LTC, but there are scenarios where some of our relationships will offer a loan up to 80% LTV/LTC.

The interest rate on these quick close scenarios is generally between 8-12%.   If you have more time with a scenario that is not bankable, we may be able to connect you with rates as low as 4.75% for bank turn-downs.

Property Types:

We will look at several scenarios involving Multi-Family, Mixed-Use, Hotels, Retail, Office, Industrial, Warehouse, Land, Car Washes, and Self-Storage.

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