Brian DeLucia

Managing Partner

Brian DeLucia serves as the Head of our Family Office and serves as a resource through select closed circle endeavors.

Mr. DeLucia has been active in the re-development and vertical development of real estate over the last 15 years. Additionally, he has served as a board member of multiple business and banking concerns in the past 10 years. His passion has been building businesses and strategic development. He built his first business at age 21 in the professional sports industry when he launched a startup that became an industry leader within 12 months. Not only did he produce strong revenue through his endeavors, but he also created a lot of leaders who went onto prominent roles in business.

In addition to this real-world experience, Mr. DeLucia has earned a credible reputation among other quiet families, the family office community, and financiers for his reality-based approach to philosophy and process. Brian is well-known for his natural ability to cultivate relationships among diverse communities? and has become a connective resource to many business concerns.

Brian’s network through his own relationships and his advisory board include hundreds of UHNW families and their family offices, government leaders, diplomats, influencers, accountants, and law firms as well as senior executives among sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies, pension funds, endowments, development banks, and asset owners, .? This represents a rolodex of diverse personal relationships that can quietly make things happen within what are generally high barriers of entry.

He is also regularly invited to serve as a panelist worldwide at family office conferences and participates within quiet roundtables with other top-tier global family offices. Most importantly, Brian has built a track record as a leader who brings high-level people together, gets results, and has brought together several billion dollars of business interest in recent years.

Everything Mr. DeLucia has done in business begins with the assumption that it all starts with bringing people together and creating a foundation towards accountability where his organization should be able to function as a cohesive unit. Too often, people get caught up with all the bells and whistles, but Brian has always believed you win in business through execution, setting everyone’s primary and secondary responsibilities so they will hit the ground running and act decisively. This has been the defining quality that differentiates Brian as a leader.

Beyond evaluating people, Brian’s strengths have been efficiency, organization, and execution. He has been a leader who demonstrates the ability to focus an organization on what truly matters. Mr. DeLucia always has a vision for the long-term and with this arrives with an understanding of core competencies and how to leverage those into competitive advantages.

And the bottom line has been that Brian DeLucia possess a leadership style that inspires, motivates, unites, and excites people. Mr. DeLucia is not flashy, he is very simple, but understands what it takes to get things done.