Public Entity of a Family Office serving beyond our principal strategies to provide alternative leadership to grow audiences, drive revenues, and overcome challenges to special situations.

arrivato-logoArrivato LLC is an extension of our single family office with an institutional philosophy across a family of companies.  We focus on principal strategies including real estate, land acquisitions, economic development, power, telecom, growth-stage companies, and special situations.

Our collective experiences as principals with over $100 billion in transactional value, over three generations, additionally provides us a unique perspective as a consulting, relationship management, and strategic partnership development firm among other family offices, diplomats, operators, developers, and business owners on a global scale.  This allows us to create premium-level access within the most powerful global inner circles, aligning strategic interests among some of the most powerful private families, global government leaders, local market demands, developers, and entrepreneurs.  Our modernized approach towards managing, running, and operating a family office in today’s world is deeply influenced by the senior leadership team, which spans back to the World War II era. We never forget where we came from.

This allows us to implement technology and processes within the family office culture that are most often utilized within an institutional environment to cultivate relationship-based deal flow among private developers, municipalities, universities, governments, and corporations. We are well-versed in asset management strategies, prioritizing deal flow, and navigating through the experts and consultants in a myriad of industries.   

As a family office and development entity ourselves, we understand the challenges in the disruptive paradigm of today’s world. This has led to numerous Ultra-High Net Worth families seeking opportunities to diversify their capital deployment. This has resulted in families seeking to identify other like-minded families or family-backed operators and developers that are aligned strategically with how they originated their wealth. Most of these same families often look to diversify investment dollars outside their industry of core competency. For this, we regularly network with like-minded families who generate wealth through other industries with whom we can establish an alignment of interest. 

We also understand challenges that Single Family Offices’ experience with their liquid strategies.  Through our participation on several private panel discussions among other family offices, most consider these liquid strategies to yield flat or very conservative returns over the next several years.     

With this being understood, we have taken an institutional style approach within our Single Family Office and have made our personal relationships available to other Single Family Offices and Ultra-High Net Worth families. This differentiation begins with how a Single Family Office should have their income structured, how to implement a more sophisticated approach towards assessing risk, and fundamental strategies to significantly reduce tax liabilities. We also see how capital is moved through markets throughout the world on a daily basis, giving us a pragmatic viewpoint on positioning for considerable alpha returns. 

These are the primary reasons we are fortunate to possess very talented family members, with an internal support organization of dynamic brainpower across a wide scope of disciplines in business and finance. This allows us to identify and structure alpha-generating opportunities for other Single Family Offices and Ultra-High Net Worth Entities through our strategically aligned family office staff, technologies, and processes. As family offices tend to work through private bankers, wealth management firms, and service companies that provide myriad levels of advice from their own perspectives, we believe our principal experience and closely aligned leadership creates the most effective singular philosophy pursuant to strategic planning of a Single Family Office. Our culture is simple as we attract those with a similar mindset to how we do business.

Creating Alpha Inside the Family Office

Let’s take a look at how we can create connectivity with alpha generating, institutional-quality opportunities and enterprise scalability that is unique to the SFO environment.

What separates our family of companies has been our ability to structure complex transactions as we understand how to leverage investment-grade credit strength and tax-credits for successful project funding. These include civic projects, student housing, workforce government housing, and alternative energy initiatives that are secured by investment-grade credit. This unique understanding of how to structure complex transactions is very well received in the SFO and MFO community.

We also generate alpha through the creation of deal flow through mezzanine, preferred equity, and special situations debt. As conventional banking is changing again, and multiple sectors of the markets are shifting as a result, we believe some of the best yields in the market will be achieved through the aforementioned strategies. It is important to understand how a blended return specifically and directly maps to the risk profile of the family or families that we are working with.

Arrivato also understands the next generation of members within a growing number of Single Family Offices who are looking to diversify in the direction of social and disruptive technology impact opportunities.

Our company is very selective to engage for new opportunities, with a strong preference towards technology that is innovative and disruptive.  We look for founders who have a tremendous track record, have what it takes to be successful, and understand how to utilize strategic partnerships to grow the enterprise. Arrivato is regularly exposed to companies that are either profitable, or could be profitable within 6-12 months; which is a deciding factor for us to invest time, energy, resources, and precious money. We believe the most compelling opportunities for next generation SFOs reside in virtualized concepts including sensor technology, data analytics, and cloud-based technology in addition to water technologies, organic food production, Artificial Intelligent (AI), SaaS (Software–as–a–Service), IoT (Internet of Things), oil & gas, telecom, financial services, and digital media technology.

Concierge Support to the Family Office

Additionally, we provide introductions to our best-in-class concierge relationships that strategically align Ultra-High Net Worth Families to protect their wealth and align their special interests through Illuminati-level access.

Arrivato believes strongly in security, due-diligence, and asset recovery as part of a macro strategy of a Single Family Office. We can introduce the personal relationships and advisors that provide specialty services to a large number of Ultra-High Net Worth Families. Our personal relationships utilize insider networks to conduct the most comprehensive background studies, extortion recovery, threat assessments, facility security planning, disaster plans, key person protection, and courier services. Arrivato also works with trusted advisors who specialize in the acquisition, management, and disposition of alternative assets such as diamonds, luxury cars, and high-end artwork.  

The disposition of assets is another component within the generational cycle of an Ultra-High Net Worth SFO or Private Entity.  We offer a highly discreet alternative for family founders who are interested in executing a quiet and timely sale of an asset or portfolio, as our firm has a significant number of long-time personal relationships with qualified buyers possessing strong liquidity positions who actively seek acquisition of assets in a quiet, non-auction settings. These assets are generally inclusive within industries that consist of core economic drivers; including real estate, oil & gas production, manufacturing, logistics, distribution, packaging, automotive, transportation, business services, IT services, and credit.  

Arrivato also understands the concerns with the inter-generational transfer of wealth. We believe 98 percent of Single Family Offices are missing the two-percent ingredient in protecting their wealth and transferring it to the next generation. Our firm has been fortunate to capitalize on wealth transfer strategies that we believe are the most proprietary and fundamentally sound within the Ultra-High Net Worth Environment – allowing a family to remain in control of its assets and continue generating the income received from those assets over a predictable period of time.